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About TeamSybase

TeamSybase, an exclusive group of Sybase "super users", was formed to help facilitate fast and flexible idea exchange on Sybase community forums/newsgroups. The team is comprised of a group of highly skilled Sybase end-users dedicated to sharing their knowledge, answering questions, and offering advice and expertise within the Sybase community.

Selected based on their technical expertise with Sybase products, each member possesses strong product knowledge and industry awareness. TeamSybase members come from a broad range of technical and industry backgrounds, and most are not Sybase employees.

Each member typically logs on to the forums/newsgroups five days a week and spends time each day on forum/newsgroup-related work - a minimum of one hour per day or more when the number of messages warrants it.

In addition to the professional benefits of being part of an exclusive group of Sybase end-users, members of TeamSybase receive the following:

  • Free full-conference ticket to the International Sybase User Group Conference each year
  • Annual TeamSybase meeting (includes hotel, airfare, meals, giveaways)
  • Automatic entry into all Sybase Beta programs
  • Sybase Education materials
  • Special appreciation gifts

Membership is by invitation and is based on technical knowledge and participation on the newsgroups. If you would like to be considered for TeamSybase, start by answering questions in the forums in which you are knowledgeable. Answer questions that haven't already been responded to in an accurate and courteous manner, and you may be considered for membership.


Because TeamSybase members spend a considerable amount of time in the forums answering questions in addition to their own jobs, they are unable to additionally respond to requests for assistance by email. Please limit requests for technical assistance and follow-ups to such requests to the community forums. That said, thank you notes via email are appreciated.

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