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SAP Retail Execution Mobile Application

The SAP Retail Execution mobile application enhances the productivity of your sales representatives during store visits and provides your merchandisers and promotions planners with critical insights by maximizing the capabilities of SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM).


SAP Retail Execution application provides anytime, anywhere access to the consumer product-specific data in SAP CRM. Your sales representatives can perform retail activities that will help sell your brands and products better. These activities include conducting retail audits and performing planogram and promotion-compliance checks. Integration with SAP CRM (and non-SAP software) means your salespeople can update back-end systems while on the road.

Access retail visit information

  • From a single view, access all visit information including visit history, notes, and attachments such as photos and videos.

Execute key merchandising tasks

  • Instantly update SAP CRM with results of promotion-compliance and planogram checks, eliminating data-entry errors and enabling timely insight into store audits.

Manage customer accounts

  • Access all customer information including contact information, one click to call the customer and view customer locations on a map.

Access product information

  • Search and view detailed product information

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