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Sybase ETL

Sybase ETL quickly and efficiently moves your data from multiple data sources into a Sybase IQ reporting environment.

Sybase ETL is ideal for your departmental or division level Sybase IQ reporting and analytics applications where row-based operational databases are being offloaded, moderate amounts of data schema transformations are required, and batch or incremental loading into Sybase IQ meets the users’ needs.

Features & Benefits


  • Near real-time incremental loading from Sybase ASE and Oracle sources is enabled by transforming and loading changed data captured by Sybase Replication Server
  • Enables Extract, Load, Transform (ELT) operations that push complex transformations into Sybase IQ after loading


  • Supports parallel loading of multiple tables through the use of multiple Sybase IQ writer nodes
  • Executes multiple ETL projects in parallel within a single Sybase ETL server
  • Provides near linear performance improvement as cores and nodes are scaled


  • Intuitive graphical user interface for easy point-and-click development
  • Time-saving online simulation environment for early validation in the development cycle
  • Supports Sybase IQ client side file loading via standard Sybase IQ loading commands when Sybase ETL and Sybase


  • Monitor and control Sybase ETL grid nodes from a standard web browser
  • Transactionality support allows commit and rollback specification across multiple ETL flows or at intermediate points
  • User-configured rule-based email alerts
  • Platform-independent ETL job scheduling


  • Security and compliance support for FDCC (Federal Desktop Care Configuration) and IPv6


Data Sheets
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System Requirements for Sybase ETL 4.9:

Supported Platforms

Licensing Options for Sybase ETL:

  • CPU License Model:  With the CPU License Model, the entire machine is licensed for internal and external users regardless of the number of processors on which the software is installed or running.  All cores/processors on the machine must be licensed. 
    • Purchasing Guidelines: 
      • Purchase one CP, DT or SF License for each physical processor/core on the machine.   
    • Examples:
      • Single-core machine example: To license 2 single-core machines with 4 single-core processor CPU's, 8 CP licenses must be purchased (2 machines x 4 cores each).
      • Multi-core machine example: To license 2 multi-core machines with 4 dual-core processor CPU's, 16 CP licenses must be purchased (2 machines x 8 cores each).
    • Multi-core Pricing - Scaling Coefficient:  Sybase now offers a pricing scaling coefficient on Multi-core machines for specific products.  For multi-core eligible license types and machines, the List Price is determined by applying the Multi-core Scaling Coefficient to the License and Support price.  For detailed information, go to the Help Topic Multi-core Scaling Coefficient.

For more information on Sybase License Models or License Types, go to Sybase License Info or License Definitions.

For more information on Sybase ETL product-specific terms, go to Product Specific License Terms

Sybase ETL Support Options:

   SupportNow Standard Plan SupportNow Enterprise Plan*
Sybase ETL                        Yes Yes

The SupportNow Standard Plan is a comprehensive, around-the-clock annual plan designed to meet the needs of businesses and mission-critical deployments.  This plan provides unlimited telephone support, 24x7 P1 support, less than 1 hour response time for P1 issues, online support services and access to all available Software Updates (maintenance and new releases). SupportNow Standard Support is purchased at the time of product purchase. Learn more

*The SupportNow Enterprise Plan delivers our most comprehensive offering of prioritized and proactive support services. This plan includes the highest priority response times, priority access to the Enterprise Technical Team and proactive services such as account management and regular review meetings. The SupportNow Enterprise Plan is not available through eShop. To purchase a SupportNow Enterprise Plan please call your local Sales Representative or Sybase Customer Service.  Learn more.

For more details on Support Plans available through eShop, go to Support Plans


Notice: Sybase ETL is no longer offered by Sybase. If you would like to speak with a Sybase representative to see how Sybase can meet your business requirements through other Sybase products and solutions, contact our sales team nearest you.

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