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Pharma Anywhere


Notice: Pharma Anywhere is no longer offered by Sybase. If you would like to speak with a Sybase representative to see how Sybase can meet your business requirements through Pharma Anywhere and/or other Sybase products and solutions, contact our sales team nearest you.

Pharma Anywhere is a customizable packaged mobile business software application designed specifically for pharmaceutical sales forces. The only solution that offers always-available access to existing sales force automation (SFA) systems and other tools critical to influencing physician prescription behavior, Pharma Anywhere enables sales reps to maximize every physician interaction and drive market share.

Pharma Anywhere mobile business application extends CRM, Web, and legacy applications to Palm and Windows Pocket PC devices. Packaged adaptors are available for integration with Siebel ePharma and web applications. The mobile software application includes custom adaptors that can be built for integration with other CRM, ERP and legacy systems. The Data Adaptor for Siebel supports both Siebel 2000 and Siebel 7, and can mobilize all Siebel business objects, components and fields.


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