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PowerBuilder Online Tutorials


These self guided tutorials are designed to enable you to drill down and better understand how to master the new features and capabilities found in PowerBuilder 12. To get full benefit from the tutorial experience, please turn on your system speakers to benefit from the audio narration in these tutorials.

PowerBuilder 12.5 eTutorial Series
This sereies of in-depth eTutorials contains 3 main sections with hours of presentation and video demonstrations on PowerBuilder 12.5 by PowerBuilder expert, Yakov Werde.

  • Section 1: Tools and Code - Yakov will help you develop an enterprise developer mindset and IDE fluency when coding PowerScript in the VS .NET IDE
  • Section 2: Cloud services and REST - You'll learn the basics of accessing RESTful services using the WCF API in PB .NET
  • Section 3: WPF - Yakov will spare no effort in getting you familiar with core XAML and take you far enough along so you can begin to develop the mind set of a WPF developer and a working appreciation for what XAML is and what WPF can do.

Video Demo: PowerBuilder .NET Guided Tour -- Part 1
Take this guided tour through PowerBuilder 12 to see for yourself how it's the "Hottest Thing Yet to ROCK .NET"

Video Tutorial: WPF Benefits for PowerBuilder Developers
PowerBuilder 12 is the only development tool that allows developers to migrate their Win32 applications to WPF.

Video Tutorial: PowerBuilder WCF Client Support
PowerBuilder 12 supports WCF by enabling applications to consume next generation Web Services.

Video Tutorial: Powerscript Language Enhancements
PowerBuilder 12 includes several major Powerscript language enhancements to make development faster and easier than ever

PowerBuilder 12 Migration eTutorial: Migrating PowerBuilder Classic Apps to PowerBuilder 12 .NET

PowerBuilder 12 .NET eTutorial: PowerBuilder 12 .NET StockTrader Sample Application
This eTutorial, based on the StockTrader Sample Application, highlights PowerBuilder 12.0's abilities as both a development environment and a runtime platform for rich and thin clients. The PowerBuilder clients are delivered in four versions; Classic Win32, .NET Win Form, .NET Web Form and .NET WPF WCF.  These client applications illustrate how you can leverage PowerBuilder's enterprise .NET APIs, DataWindow Technology, and the PowerScript coding language in a developer-friendly and productive IDE to rapidly build Microsoft-compatible client applications.

PowerBuilder and WCF Tutorial
This self guided tutorial will show you how to use PowerBuilder .NET together with the Microsoft .NET Communication Framework to create rich client applications functioning in an enterprise Service Oriented Architecture. Concepts covered include an overview of the tenets of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), an overview of the scope of the Windows Communication Framework (WCF) and the integration issues it addresses. Definitions are provided for fundamental WCF concepts.

Skills illustrated include how to use the PowerBuilder .NET IDE to create a WCF client application working within a SOA that invokes methods on a web service and uses returned values for local processing.

PowerScript .NET Tutorial
This self guided tutorial will show you how to create fully CLS compliant .NET Win Form and WPF applications using PowerScript code and employing new and current language features inside PB 12. Concepts covered include .NET Language interoperability; the Common Language Specification, creating .NET Consumer Role compatible applications using the PB 12 Classic IDE, and creating .NET compatible Extenders using the PB 12 .NET IDE.

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