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Sybase and IBM


The IBM mCommerce Appliance Solution is a robust, comprehensive mobile commerce solution from industry leaders IBM and Sybase. This solution provides rapid operational deployment at a competitive price. It includes the industry-leading Sybase mCommerce 365 platform preconfigured on IBM Power Systems, with IBM storage, IBM InfoSphere and WebSphere, supported by IBM Global Services. This comprehensive hardware and software mCommerce solution empowers financial institutions and mobile operators alike to successfully navigate through the mobile economy by bringing together mobile messaging, mCommerce applications, and integration services.

Why IBM ?

Robust, reliable, proven
From reliability and virtualization features inspired by IBM’s unrivaled success in mainframe systems to unique energy savings capabilities—the IBM mCommerce Appliance Solution is based on Power Systems to help get the most from IT assets so end users are enabled quickly through a proven, cost-effective infrastructure with around-the-clock availability.

The Sybase mCommerce 365 Platform used in the IBM mCommerce Appliance Solution is a proven, operator-grade payment processing and service delivery platform that has been deployed to more than 15 million end-users and 20,000 merchants and complies with industry standards including ISO 9001, Payment Card Industry (PCI), and is certified by the GSM Association as an official GSMA Mobile Money Vendor.

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