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Sybase Product Download Center

Please Note:

With the transition to SAP support plans and infrastructure you will lose access to the Sybase Products Download Center. SAP Service Marketplace does NOT contain older End of Lifed product versions. Should you wish to retain copies of this software for future use we strongly encourage you to download copies BEFORE you are migrated to SAP support plans and infrastructure.

The Sybase Products Download Center will be decommissioned at the end of June 2014 after which time no further access will be possible to download ANY software.

On the SAP infrastructure only users that have a valid Support Agreement are able to download patches.


SPDC enables authorized Revenue Order Contacts and Technical Support Contacts with current support contracts with download access to Sybase product releases. Accessing SPDC requires a separate login and password— authorized contacts automatically receive SPDC login and password information via email.

The Sybase Product Download Center (SPDC) can be accessed at

Login Troubleshooting:

- If you are an authorized SPDC contact and have misplaced your password, please go to and select the 'Password Finder' link.

- If the Password Finder link above results in a "Error, member not known" message and you feel you should be an authorized SPDC contact, please email

SPDC features include:

  • Email notification of new product releases as they are added to SPDC
  • Self-service access to Sybase products (these are baseline releases, not to be confused with EBF/maintenance releases available at
  • Multiple download options, including http, ftp, download accelerators, and split files.
  • View order history by account
  • Dynamic license key generation
  • Intuitive user interface, site help, user's manual, and FAQs

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