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Secure, engaging + effective mobile marketing, + content delivery services for media and entertainment brands, content providers, marketers, and agencies.

There’s a new audience for your mobile business--the world. And only Sybase 365 can help you reach it with a single connection. Our suite of flexible, high-performance mobile marketing services are engaging and effective. We also monetize millions of mobile transactions, enabling you to realize revenue quickly. And because distribution is key, our high- volume delivery infrastructure ensures messages, content, and applications get delivered by SMS and MMS, regardless of their final destination. This means we are wherever you are, or need to be.

Sybase 365 Mobile Marketing Services offers an easy web-based user interface that connects to the Sybase 365 global messaging operator-grade network. This service allows advertisers to contact and target end-users with appropriate and relevant promotions on mobile devices. In addition, Sybase solutions offer easy integration, providing a single source for promotions and messages to be combined with other mobile web and WAP solutions.

Sybase 365 offers:

  • Global reach to over 3/4 of the world’s mobile subscribers, with local presence and expertise
  • Global billing and settlement capabilities
  • Services, solutions, and tools to conduct targeted marketing campaigns
  • Application management: polling, alerts, broadcast messaging, voting, and competitions
  • Content management: distribution services via subscriptions, push/pull SMS, WAP, and Web portals
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytic tools
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